Book Chapters

  1. De Novo NGS Data Compression
    G. Benoit, C. Lemaitre, G. Rizk, E. Drezen, D. Lavenier
    Chap. 4, p. 91-115, In: Elloumi M. (eds) Algorithms for Next-Generation Sequencing Data. Springer, 2017

  2. GPU-accelerated shortest paths computations for planar graphs
    G. Chapuis, H. Djidjev, D. Lavenier, R. Andonov
    in Advances in GPU Research and Practice, chap 11, 2016

  3. GPU accelerated RNA folding algorithm
    G. Rizk, D. Lavenier, S. Rajopadhye
    GPU Computing Gems Vol. 1, chapter 14, editor: NVIDIA, publisher: Addison-Wesley, 2011

  4. Seed-Based Parallel Protein Sequence Comparison Combining Multithreading, GPU, and FPGA technologies
    D. Lavenier, V-H. Hnguyen
    Bioinformatics: High Performance Parallel Computer Architectures, chapter 9, editor: B. Schmidt, publisher: Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, 2010

  5. Parallel Genomic Sequence Comparison
    D. Lavenier
    Parallel and Distributed Computing, chapter 14, IN-TECH, 2010

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